INNUENDO – interview with cast and crew David Farrington, Pauline Grace, Charly Harrison and Heidi Salander

by GREG KING Innuendo is a dark and twisted tale from writer/director and star Saara Lamberg. It is her debut feature film, and has done well on the festival circuit. The film is screening at Melbourne's Cinema Nova on Friday October 20, with cast and crew in attendance for a Q&A session. Cast members David Farrington and Pauline Grace, and composer Charly Harrison and make-up artist and extra Heidi Salander joined Greg live in the 3WBC studios for a chat about the film. Continue reading

REFUGEE FILM FESTIVAL 2017 – interview with Laura Stacey

by GREG KING As part of Refugee Week, the Cinema Nova is screening the Refugee Film Festival, which features a number of documentaries depicting the experiences of refugees, including some inspiring stories of refugees who have made a new home here in Australia. The festival runs from June18-June 23. The opening night film is The Staging Post. The screenings are accompanied by Q&A sessions. Greg spoke to Laura Stacey, the director of the Refugee Film Festival, to learn more about this unique and important film Continue reading

THE COMPLETE FEATURES OF STANLEY KUBRICK FILM FESTIVAL – interview with Kristian Connelly, General Manager of the Cinema Nova

by GREG KING From October 6 the Cinema Nova is holding a retrospective series of screenings all of the feature films from the late Stanley Kubrick, who died in 1999, including the rarely seen Fear & Desire from 1953 and his final completed film Eyes Wide Shut. Kubrick was a perfectionist who often tackled controversial social themes. Greg chatted to Kristian Connelly, the general manager of the Cinema Nova, to find out more about Kubrick and his films. Continue reading

AICE ISRAELI FILM FESTIVAL COMPETITION 2016 – interview with festival director Richard Moore

by GREG KING The 13th AICE Israeli Film Festival begins screening from September 14 at Melbourne's Cinema Nova and from September 15 at Sydney's Ritz Theatre. The opening night film is Firebirds. This year the festival has undergone some small changes. Greg spoke to festival director Richard Moore to find out more about the Israeli Film Festival Competition and the films screening.…/e2fogy0z9h67h6c/210819_001.MP3 Continue reading

THE STORY OF PERCIVAL PILTS – interview with Janette Goodey

by GREG KING The Story Of Percival Pilts is another of the great short animated films screening at the Cinema Nova on March 2 as part of the 17th Animation Show Of Shows. The film's co-director Janette Goodey joined Greg live in the studio to talk about the making of the film. Continue reading