THE SOUND OF ONE HAND CLAPPING – interview with Richard Flanagan

by GREG KING "We wanted to make a film unlike any that had been made in Australian cinema before," says Richard Flanagan, novelist, writer and director of The Sound Of One Hand Clapping. Flanagan found that the best way to get his words onto the screen was to make the film himself. "As that Bob Marley song Buffalo Soldier says: 'If you don't know where you're coming from, you don't know who you are.' At some point in our lives everybody must turn around and walk back into the shadows of the past to understand who we are," says Flanagan. For novelist turned tyro Continue reading

SLEPING BEAUTY – interview with director Julia Leigh

by GREG KING “I love films that I’m mesmerised by, that I can’t take my eyes off,” says Julia Leigh, Australian novelist turned filmmaker. “Personally I don’t like seeing a film on Thursday night and then forgetting it by Friday morning. My hope is that Sleeping Beauty is a memorable film.”   Her debut film, the erotic psychological drama Sleeping Beauty, is certainly a memorable film. It is a provocative but ultimately pointless study of sexual dynamics, female sexuality, identity, liberation, and willing female submissiveness. The central character is Continue reading

MURDER MOUTH – interview with director Madeleine Perry

by GREG KING “I hope that the films I make might often be quite challenging - although some might not be quite as confrontational as this - but hopefully they will always get people to think and engage with the world and their own life in a way that is enriching. And that is why I like to make films,” emerging young Madeleine Parry says about her short documentary Murder Mouth. Parry has been making short films since leaving high school a few years ago, but Murder Mouth is the first fully funded film she has made. A 14-minute documentary, Murder Mouth is Continue reading


by GREG KING. We’ve all heard some of those "little Johnny" jokes, now we can discover their origin. Little Johnny is a new animated mockumentary that discovers the "real boy" behind the jokes, and also looks at his dysfunctional family that provided the inspiration for much of the humour. The film itself is the brainchild of Ralph Moser and his co-director Dean Murphy and screenwriter Stewart Fainchey. The three have a long established partnership and have worked together on a number of films, including two with Paul Hogan - Strange Bedfellows and the recent Charlie And Continue reading

SNOWTOWN – interview with director Justin Kurzel

 by GREG KING “This was definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” remarks director Justin Kurzel about his experiences of working on his debut feature film Snowtown. “Every day was an adventure.” Snowtown is a new film that explores the notorious "bodies in the barrels" murders that occurred in a small South Australian town during the '90s and it is sure to be a controversial and challenging experience for audiences. It's a harrowing, disturbingly bleak psychological study of John Bunting (played with chilling authority by Continue reading