ZEN AND THE ART OF DYING – interview with Zenith Virago


ON SCREEN: Byron Bay deathwalker Zenith Virago in a still from the film Zen and the Art of Dying.

Zen And The Art Of Dying is a new documentary that follows Zenith Virago, a Byron Bay wedding celebrant who is also involved with the Natural Death Care Centre, where she trains and advises people. She has worked as a Deathwalker since 1995, and engages the community with death and dying, an issue fraught with emotions and fears. Director and filmmaker Broderick Fox spent five weeks in Byron Bay filming Zenith and a close knit community for the documentary. Greg spoke to Zenith to find out more about the film, which has been travelling well on the festival circuit, and her work as a death walker. Zen And The Art Of Dying is screening at the Nova on September 27, and Zenith will be in attendance to introduce the film and participate in a Q&A.

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