Reviewed by GREG KING Documentary Director: Stevan Riley. Like all great documentaries, Fire In Babylon has a broad appeal that goes beyond an interest in the subject matter. While Fire In Babylon is about the game of cricket it actually also delves into the politics of the sport and places it into the broader context of the social change that was occurring. In the late 60’s, the West Indies cricket team was regarded as something of a joke, and their pathetic on field performances were greeted with the derogatory term "Calypso Cricket." They also had to deal Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Documentary Director: Asif Kapadia. There have been a number of great car racing films – Grand Prix, Winning, Le Mans, etc – which all tried to capture the excitement, testosterone-charged danger and feel of high speed car racing. We’ll try to forget the awful Sylvester Stallone film Driven, which stalled at the starter’s gate! But nothing compares to the real thing, as this fascinating documentary about Ayrton Senna demonstrates. This is a thoughtful and carefully constructed documentary about Senna, the charismatic but volatile three Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Documentary: Director: Leon Gast Politics, sports, and music make for a potent mixture in this insightful and entertaining Oscar-winning documentary from acclaimed film maker Leon Gast. When We Were Kings details the behind-the-scenes story of the famous 1974 Ali/Foreman fight, held in Zaire, a small, fairly obscure African country, that has since gone down in sporting legend as the Rumble In The Jungle. The fight for the world heavyweight crown was packaged by Don King, the flamboyant promoter whom many consider has tarnished the sport Continue reading