Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Robert Connolly Stars: Mia Wasikowska, Radha Mitchell, Eric Bana, Erik Thomson, Ariel Joy Donoghue, Isla Fogg, Eddie Baroo, Clarence Ryan, Pedrea Jackson. This earnest, well-meaning but slightly manipulative family friendly film about the beautiful bond between a teenaged girl and a fish is based on the best-selling 1997 novella written by Miles Franklin award winning author Tim Winton (Cloudstreet, etc). Like much of Winton’s work it is steeped in concerns about the natural environment and man’s connections to nature and the Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Mark Hartley Stars: Radha Mitchell, Ella Newton, Vince Colosimo, Andrew S Gilbert, James MacKay, Karis Kailani. Filmmaker Mark Hartley (Patrick, etc) is a dab hand at ozploitation genre films and has a keen understanding of the tropes of the genre, but his latest effort Girl At The Window is a throwback to the slasher genre of the 90s in style. It also seems heavily influenced by films like Hitchcock’s 1954 classic Rear Window and the more contemporary variation Disturbia with its themes of murder, suspicion, spying on your Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Ben Hackworth Stars: Radha Mitchell, Thomas Cocquerel, Nadine Garner, Odessa Young, Emm Wiseman, Kai Lewins. Celeste (Radha Mitchell, from Looking For Grace, etc) is a revered opera singer renowned around the world. But she retired from the public limelight over a decade ago and retreated to a private castle located within a remote tropical rainforest in far north Queensland. Now Celeste is about to emerge from her self-imposed retirement to give a comeback concert in the spacious grounds of her retreat. Her estranged stepson Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Stephan Elliott Stars: Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue, Radha Mitchell, Asher Keddie, Julian McMahon, Jeremy Sims, Atticus Robb, Darcey Wilson, Jack Thompson, Jacob Elordi, Chelsea Glaw, Richard Roxburgh. Set in the 1970s, Stephan Elliott’s latest film is a semi-autobiographical coming of age comedy and satirical look at Australian culture and values of the time. It was a time of laissez-faire parenting, lazy weekends spent on the beach, sunburned kids long before the era of “slip, slop, slap”, and a time when Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Sue Brooks Stars: Richard Roxburgh, Radha Mitchell, Odessa Young, Terry Norris, Kenya Pearson, Harry Richardson, Myles Pollard, Tasma Walton. Looking For Grace is the fifth feature film from award winning Australian filmmaker Sue Brooks (the cross cultural romance of Japanese Story, The Road To Nhill, etc). It's been six years since her last film (2009's Subdivision), and like her previous works it deals with a journey of discovery, is set in a remote location, and explores themes of loneliness, family, friendship. This quirky Continue reading