Reviewed by GREG KING Director: John V Soto Stars: Jacqueline McKenzie, Myles Pollard, Ben Mortley, Ryan Panizza, Shannon Berry, Hayley McElhinney. Western Australian based filmmaker John V Soto specialises in B-grade genre films such as the 2014 crime drama The Reckoning. For his fourth feature film the genre hopping Soto ventures into science fiction territory with the low budget mind bending The Gateway, which deals with ambitious themes like parallel worlds and teleportation. But Soto’s ambitions are somewhat limited by Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Documentary Director: Gracie Otto. Michael White may be the most famous man you've never heard of. Indeed former model and actress turned filmmaker Gracie Otto (Three Blind Mice, etc) had never heard of White until she met him at a party at Cannes in 2010. She saw an elderly but elegant man holding court at one of the many parties at Cannes and was intrigued about him. She approached him, and after chatting to him for a while she was, to her surprise, invited to another party. The more she learned about White and his fascinating background Continue reading