TOMMY EMMANUEL: THE ENDLESS ROAD – interview with Jeremy Dylan

by GREG KING The Endless Road is a documentary that draws upon a wealth of archival footage, interviews and concert performances to tell the untold story of Tommy Emmanuel the incredible guitarist and musician. The film follows his rise from his childhood and his journey as a young guitar prodigy, his battle with addiction to his reputation as one of the world’s most compelling performers. Director Jeremy Dylan spent four years working on the project. The documentary has its premiere at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival on July 26, at the Cinema Nova. Greg Continue reading

A BILLION LIVES – interview with director Aaron Biebert

by GREG KING In his documentary A Billion Lives, filmmaker Aaron Biebert looks at the phenomenon of e-cigarettes, or “vaping” –  which health advocates say is much healthier than smoking tobacco. However, vaping has been banned in several jurisdictions, which Biebert asserts is due to pressure and misinformation from the tobacco industry. Greg caught up with director Aaron Biebert in Milwaukee to find out more about this documentary that delivers a few inconvenient truths. A Billion Lives screens as part of the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival over the weekend of Continue reading