Reviewed by GREG KING Documentary Director: Leon Gast. In an age when we crave more and more information about our favourite film stars and celebrities, the paparazzi and their intrusive cameras satiate our voyeuristic appetite for more. But their presence is despised by many, who view them as parasites. During last year’s MIFF we had Teenage Paparazzo, a fascinating documentary which introduced us to a 13-year old photographer. Ron Galella is a veteran freelance photographer who has become almost as famous as the celebrities he has photographed over the Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Documentary: Director: Leon Gast Politics, sports, and music make for a potent mixture in this insightful and entertaining Oscar-winning documentary from acclaimed film maker Leon Gast. When We Were Kings details the behind-the-scenes story of the famous 1974 Ali/Foreman fight, held in Zaire, a small, fairly obscure African country, that has since gone down in sporting legend as the Rumble In The Jungle. The fight for the world heavyweight crown was packaged by Don King, the flamboyant promoter whom many consider has tarnished the sport Continue reading