Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Kim Jie-woo Stars: Song Kang-ho, Gong Yoo, Um Tae-goo, Shingo Tsurumi, Lee Byung-hun. Korea's official entry into the Best Foreign Language film category for the 2017 Oscars, The Age Of Shadows is a mix of spy thriller and action movie that was inspired by the real life 1923 bombing of Seoul's police head quarters by the resistance movement. The Age Of Shadows is set in Seoul in the 1920's, a time when Korea was still under the oppressive colonial rule of the Japanese. Resistance movements were struggling to undermine the Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Alan Taylor Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke, J K Simmons, Dayo Okeniyi, Courtney B Vance, Matt Smith, Lee Byung-hun, Sandrine Holt. He promised he'd be back, and it's good to report that Arnold Schwarzenegger has returned to the Terminator franchise that made him a bona fide box office draw card, albeit looking little worse for wear. Thirty years ago James Cameron gave us an ambitious mix of sci-fi and action in the original Terminator movie about an unstoppable android sent back in time to kill the Continue reading