ASSAULT ON WALL STREET – interview with director Uwe Boll

For his Movies At Dusk program, Greg speaks to director Uwe Boll about his film Assault On Wall Street, which is released on DVD through Monster Pictures. The film stars Dominic Purcell, Edward Furlong, John Heard, Eric Roberts and Michael Pare, a regular in Boll's films. Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Peter Segal Stars: James Garner, Jack Lemmon, Dan Aykroyd, Everett McGill, John Heard, Lauren Bacall, Wilford Brimley, Brad Whitford, Sela Ward, Marg Helgenberger, Jeff Yeager Two former American Presidents, bitter rivals from opposite ends of the political spectrum, are thrown together as reluctant allies when they probe a trail of corruption and official cover-up that leads right to the heart of the Oval Office itself. Although it is five years since he left the White House, Russell Kramer (Jack Lemmon) maintains a high profile Continue reading