Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Hugh Sullivan Stars: Josh McConville, Hannah Marshall, Alex Dimitriades. This is the second local production in as many months to feature time travel as a key narrative device. And I found the quirky The Infinite Man to be far more entertaining and enjoyable than the recent sci-fi head turning Predestination, especially when it comes to dealing with the paradoxes of time travel. It seems to have an internal logic that works. It also seems to have more energy and humour, and likeable characters. Like Groundhog Day and Eternal Sunshine Of Continue reading

THE INFINITE MAN – interview with Hugh Sullivan

by GREG KING The Infinite Man is a new romantic comedy that uses time travel as a device to kick start the plot. The film is the debut feature from writer/director Hugh Sullivan. Greg King spoke to Hugh to find out more about the film.   Continue reading