Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Etan Cohen Stars: Will Ferrell, John C Reilly, Rebecca Hall, Kelly Macdonald, Pam Ferris, Ralph Fiennes, Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan, Hugh Laurie, Noah Jupe, Lauren Lapkus, Michael Culkin. My list of the worst films of 2018 has just had a late addition with Holmes & Watson, an execrable and terribly unfunny piece of nonsense that will have Sir Arthur Conan Doyle spinning in his grave. Conan Doyle’s estate gave permission for the filmmakers to use the famous characters, but in hindsight they should sue! This dire comedy about the Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Tim Hill Stars: James Marsden, Gary Cole, Elizabeth Perkins, voices of Russell Brand, Hugh Laurie, Hank Azaria. We’ve had Tim Allen play a replacement for Santa Claus, and recently we had Dwayne Johnson play a temporary replacement for the tooth fairy. The latest fantasy character to get a makeover is the Easter Bunny. The family friendly Hop is a clever mix of live action and CGI created animation and again the cartoon characters are seamlessly integrated. Director Tim Hill, who previously gave us a similar hybrid of live action Continue reading