Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Jason Connery Stars: Peter Mullan, Jack Lowden, Olivia Lovibond, Sam Neill, Therese Bradley, Peter Ferdinando, Max Deacon. Unlike boxing, NFL football, horse racing, car racing, or even surfing, golf is not the most cinematic of sports and holds little appeal for adrenaline junkies. However, we have had a few films set against the backdrop of the sport, including the Adam Sandler comedy Happy Gilmore, Tin Cup starring Kevin Costner, and Robert Redford's The Legend Of Bagger Vance, which starred Will Smith and Matt Damon. And now we Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Robert Redford Stars: Matt Damon, Will Smith, Charlize Theron It was Mark Twain who once said that golf was a good walk spoiled by having to hit a little white ball. Cinematically, golf is hardly an exciting sport, although occasionally it has worked, especially in films like Happy Gilmore, and even to a lesser extent, Ron Shelton's Tin Cup. In his latest life affirming tale, director Robert Redford uses golf as a metaphor for life (much as he tried to do with fly fishing in the visually lush A River Runs Through It). The Legend Continue reading