ASSAULT ON WALL STREET – interview with director Uwe Boll

For his Movies At Dusk program, Greg speaks to director Uwe Boll about his film Assault On Wall Street, which is released on DVD through Monster Pictures. The film stars Dominic Purcell, Edward Furlong, John Heard, Eric Roberts and Michael Pare, a regular in Boll's films. Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Jon Hewitt Stars: Dominic Purcell, Robert Taylor, Viva Bianca, Nicholas Hammond, Belinda McClory, Carmen Duncan, Suzannah McDonald, Juan Jackson. Jon Hewitt's remake of Brian Trenchard-Smith's 1982 film, an infamous, shockingly violent and trashy piece of Ozploitation that has become something of a cult favourite over the years, is largely unnecessary and unpleasant. Hewitt (Acolytes, Redball, X, etc) usually brings a rough hewn edge to his low budget films that are part of their charm and appeal and which helps overcome their cheap Continue reading