Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Michelle Lloyd Stars: Dustin Clare, Camille Keenan. This simple, low budget New Zealand and Australian co-production is a two-handed romantic drama that is reminiscent of the Before trilogy from Richard Linklater. It basically follows a couple as they wander through the streets of Christchurch while they try to work out where their relationship stands. Charlie (Dustin Clare, from tv series Spartacus, etc) left his florist girlfriend Eve (Camille Keenan, a regular in tv series like Packed To The Rafters, etc) behind when he enlisted in Continue reading

SUNDAY – interview with Michelle Lloyd and Dustin Clare

by GREG KING Sunday is a new romantic drama that will hit cinemas and be released through a variety of cinema on demand multi-platform formats from May 2. Greg spoke to director Michelle Lloyd and co-writer and star Dustin Clare to find out more about this intimate little drama. Continue reading