This week on The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show Adam, Greg and Nick take a look at new release films ‘A Beautiful Planet,’ ‘Captain Fantastic,’ ‘Sully,’ ‘The Secret Life Of Pets,’ and ‘Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie’. This episode also contains interviews with Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Clint Eastwood, Benjamin Bratt, Lake Bell, astronaut Marsha Ivins about the IMAX documentary A Beautiful Planet, Elyssa Zeccola (Lavazza Italian Film Festival), Cerise Howard (Czech & Slovak Film Festival), Richard Moore (AICE Israeli Film Festival) and Bryan Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Documentary Director: Toni Myers. This film, shot largely on the International Space Station, makes great use of the 3D format and large IMAX screen to give us some stunning vistas of outer space, but also of the planet Earth. The film also gives us glimpses into the day to day lives and routines of astronauts as they carry out repairs and scientific experiments aboard the claustrophobic confines of the space station. We meet the trio of astronauts - a Russian, and American and an Italian - who have spent six months on the space station Continue reading

A BEAUTIFUL PLANET – interview with Marsha Ivins

by GREG KING Marsha Ivins is a real life former NASA astronaut, who has been involved in the 3D IMAX documentary A Beautiful Planet. Marsha was in Melbourne to introduce the screenings at IMAX and participate in some Q&As. Greg spoke to Marsha to find out more about her life as an astronaut, about the film itself, and about some of the classic Hollywood sci-fi space travel movies.…/ivrryya7cjhzkdg/210823_001.MP3 Continue reading