ONCE MY MOTHER – sophia Turkiewicz interview


Sophia Turkiewicz is an Australian filmmaker (Silver City, and lots of television work, etc) who has long been conflicted over her feelings regarding her mother Helen. But it was in her mother’s twilight years, as Helen was slipping into dementia and was put into a nursing home, that she came to know her better. Sophia also draws upon extensive archival material and actual footage of the camps to give audiences some understanding of the historical context of her mother’s journey. There are also lots of family photographs and moving interviews with her mother as she slowly teases out details about her experiences. But the film becomes as much about Sophia’s journey of discovery as it is her mother’s story, and it proves something of a cathartic experience for her.


Greg spoke to director Sophie Turkiewicz about the making of this very personal documentary for his Movies At Dusk program. To listen, click on the link below:


Once My Mother opens on limited release from July 24.

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