LOVING VINCENT – interview with Andrew Grimmer


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Loving Vincent is a Polish UK co-production that looks at the mystery surrounding the death of Vincent Van Gogh. It is based on a letter that Van Gogh wrote in the week before he died. This unique film was shot with actors, then painted over frame by frame by hand, with oil paints to replicate Van Gogh’s style. Some 62000 oil paintings to make the world’s first painted animated film. It was a massive task, with some 100 artists working on the film. Two directors worked on the film – the husband and wife team of Dorota Kobeila, an animator from Poland, and Hugh Welchman, an Oscar winning animator and filmmaker from UK. One of the artists who worked on the film was Australian artist Andrew Grimmer, who was a guest of the Melbourne International Film Festival, here to introduce screenings and participate in Q&A sessions. Greg spoke to Andrew about some of the challenges in making this film.


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