EUROPA EUROPA FILM FESTIVAL – interview with Thomas Caldwell


Buñuel: A Surrealist Filmmaker

The inaugural Europa Europa Film Festival screens in Melbourne and Sydney from February 4 through until February 27. In Melbourne it will screen at both the Lido and Classic Cinemas, while in Sydney it will screen at the Ritz. Here in Australia we are well served with European films via festivals like the French, Spanish, Italian, German and Scandinavian Film Festivals, but this new festival aims to screen films from many countries in Europe that are not as well known for their film industries. Many of the films selected for this festival were their country’s official entry for the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film. The opening night film is The Souvenir Part II. The festival also includes a new 4K restoration of Mike Leigh’s Naked, and a new edition of the Italian crime drama Gomorrah. There will also be some Q&A sessions with some of the directors. Greg spoke to the festival’s programmer and artistic director Thomas Caldwell to find out more. 


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