ENOUGH! LEBANON’S DARKEST HOUR – interview with Daizy Gedeon


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Journalist and filmmaker Daizy Gedeon was born in Lebanon, but raised in Australia, but she still feels a strong connection to the land of her birth. Twenty-five years ago she made a documentary called Lebanon – Imprisoned Splendour, which featured Omar Sharif. But her new documentary has been inspired by the state corruption, mismanagement of government institutions and embezzlement that has led to a mass exodus of people. This controversial documentary has been five years in the making, and underwent extensive rewrites and editing following the disastrous explosion in Beirut harbour last year. The important documentary is having a couple of screenings at the Jam Factory next weekend. Greg spoke to director Daizy Gedeon about the challenges of making this documentary and her hopes that it can make a difference.  

https:// www.mediafire.com/file/0pdalmxu93jwb1a/261112_001.MP3/file 

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