CLASH – Interview with ACMI programmer Roberta Ciabarra


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From March 30, ACMI is screening Mohamed Diab’s brilliant film Clash, a claustrophobic drama set against the backdrop of the Arab Spring. This powerful Egyptian drama is set during the so-called Arab Spring, a time of revolution in the days immediately following the overthrow of President Morsi, and the civil unrest that ensued as police clashed with demonstrators. The police indiscriminately arrested many of the demonstrators and threw them in the back of a police prison wagon. Thus there was a mix of detainees from different religious and political backgrounds – Muslims, Jews, Christians, firebrand clerics, the elderly and the young, women and children. Initially passions and tempers flared but this disparate group soon learned that they needed to bury their differences and animosities and cooperate if they were to survive. What emerges is a simple message of tolerance and understanding in this volatile situation.

ACMI is thrilled to announce that Virginia Trioli, co-host of ABC TV’s News Breakfast, will be at ACMI Cinemas to host the event ‘In Conversation with Peter Greste’ via Skype, following the 6pm screening of Clash on Thursday 6 April.

Greg spoke to ACMI film programmer Roberta Ciabarra about the film, and this special event attached to the screening on April 6.

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