Reviewed by GREG KING Directors: Glenn Ficarra and John Requa Stars: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Gerald McRaney, Rodrigio Santoro, Adrian Martinez, B D Wong, Brennan Brown, Robert Taylor, Dotan Bonen, Domninic Fumusa. Will Smith desperately needs a hit to reverse his box office slump, especially in the wake of some recent misfires like the dire After Earth, which a fellow critic labelled After Birth. Focus is another of those heist caper crime films about a clever and charismatic con man, and it adheres closely to the familiar formula followed by films like Continue reading


  Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Ken Scott Stars: Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco, Nick Frost, Sienna Miller, James Marsden, Britton Sear, June Diane Raphael. Risque business? Unfunny business? Long gone are the days when Vince Vaughn used to make energetic and enjoyable comedies. But recently the aggressive motor mouthed comic actor has recently made a number of largely unfunny, mediocre and embarrassingly dull comedies of late, with films like The Dilemma, Fred Claus, The Watch, Delivery Man, etc to his credit. But with Unfinished Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Megan Griffiths Stars: Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church, Ryan Eggold, Oliver Platt, Nina Aranda. Ellie Klug (Toni Collette) is a cynical music journalist who is aware that she is becoming irrelevant. Once the star of music journal Stax, where she had the power to discover new and make young musicians, she is now on the verge of being fired by her marijuana smoking editor Giles (Oliver Platt) because she hasn't filed a story of importance for some time. She also has a habit of still sleeping with younger rock musicians, and her Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Dean Israelite Stars: Jonny Weston, Sofia Black d'Elia, Sam Lerner, Allen Evangelista, Virginia Gardner, Amy Landecker, Gary Weeks, Gary Grubbs. This sci-fi teen drama involving time travel is like Back To The Future for the Twitter generation. David Raskin (Jonny Weston) is something of a science geek who has inherited his late father's passion for creating and building gadgets and experimenting. In order to win a scholarship to MIT he has to create something spectacular. While rummaging through his father's belongings stored in the Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Ana Lily Armipour Stars: Sheila Vand, Arash Marandi, Dominic Rains, Marshall Manesh, Milad Eghbali, Mozhan Marno. Not only is this an intriguing title, but it is pretty much a synopsis of this quirky, ultra low budget horror film from Iran, of all places. It is the first vampire film from Iran, and it is pretty much unlike any other Iranian film you will have ever seen. First time feature film director Ana Lily Armipour cleverly subverts the usual tropes of the vampire/horror genre, giving us a peculiarly feminist take on the Continue reading