GIRLS ON FILM FESTIVAL – interview with Karen Pickering


GOFF mix tape

The inaugural Girls On Film Festival will be held in Melbourne 12-14 September, 2014 at Northcote Town Hall. Held over a three days at the Northcote Town Hall, there’ll be a festival club, special appearances, music, food and drinks, and lots of feminist fun as we celebrate Girls On Film

 Girls On Film Festival is a live mixtape of feminism, film and lively discussion creating an inclusive party atmosphere for feminist filmgoers who want to see women and girls in powerful, positive stories on screen.
Films screening during the three day festival include The Runaways, Heavenly Creatures, Whale Rider, Heathers, Ponyo, T For Teacher, and Radiance, which will be followed with a Q&A from star Rachel Maza.

The Festival will be screening feminist movies, throwing parties and hearing from some of Australia’s sharpest minds on the gendered nature of plot, character, promotion and production in film.

To find out more about the inaugural Girls On Film Festival, Greg King spoke to festival director Karen Pickering for his Movies At Dusk program on 3WBC 94.1FM.

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