Reviewed by GREG KING Directors: John Jarratt and Kaarin Faifax Stars: John Jarratt, Kaarin Fairfax, Alan Finney, Robert Coleby. Better homes and torture? John Jarratt, so memorable as the psychopathic serial killer Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek spends much of this film tied to a chair being verbally and physically assaulted, a twist that will certainly intrigue fans of his character. Here Jarratt plays Jack, a jaded pharmacist at the local hospital who seems to have a darker predatory nature. One night he breaks into the house of nurse Emily (Kaarin Fairfax), toting a Continue reading


This week on The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show Adam, Dave, Nick and Greg take a look at  new release films ‘Good Kill,’ ‘Kill Me Three Times,’ ‘Southpaw,‘ ‘Girlhood,’ ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,’ ’5 Flights Up,’ ‘Irrational Man,’ ‘Dope,’ ‘Hitman: Agent 47′   and ‘Vacation.’ This episode also contains interviews with Kriv Stenders, Rachel McAdams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Henry Cavill, Alicia Vikander, Armie Hammer, Morgan Freeman, Diane Keaton, Rupert Friend, Ed Helms, Chevy Chase, Christina Applegate, Richard Lowensten (Eco Homo), Lynne-Maree Milburn (Eco Homo) and Lawrence Continue reading

HOLDING THE MAN – interview with Neil Armfield

by GREG KING First published in 1995 Holding The Man is Timothy Conigrave's touching memoir of his fifteen year relationship with John Calleo, which began while they were both schoolboys at Xavier College in the late 70s. It is a cult classic, and one of Australia's favourite books. It was adapted to the stage, and has finally been adapted to the screen. Holding The Man has its premiere as part of MIFF's centre piece gala screening on Saturday August 8th, and hits cinemas on August 27. HOLDING THE MAN - interview with director Neil Armfield. "I think it's wonderful Continue reading

KILL ME THREE TIMES – Kriv Stenders interview

by GREG KING Kriv Stenders' new film Kill Me Three Times premiered at Toronto in 2014. The violent black noir comedy with a high body count and starring Simon Pegg gets a local release in September. Kriv has also directed The Principal, a four part television series starring Alex Dimitriades as a principal assigned to a tough inner city school, which screens on SBS in October. Greg spoke to Kriv to find out more about his latest projects.…/5aqso3a0ihb4rz6/200801_001.MP3     Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Kriv Stenders Stars: Simon Pegg, Alice Braga, Teresa Palmer, Sullivan Stapleton, Callan Mulvey, Luke Hemsworth, Bryan Brown. This is the type of noir-inspired film that Australian filmmakers do really well when they tackle the genre. Written by first time writer James McFarland Kill Me Three Times is a vicious and offbeat black comedy take on the noir genre with a high body count. McFarland uses a non linear narrative structure reminiscent of classics like The Usual Suspects or early Tarantino and Coen brothers. Simon Pegg (who Continue reading