WHEN THE QUEEN CAME TO TOWN – interview with director Maurice Murphy

by GREG KING   When The Queen Came To Town is a documentary that commemorates the 1954 visit to Australia by Queen Elizabeth II. It was the first visit to our shores by a reigning monarch, and the archival footage here captures that sense of excitement that gripped the nation. To find out more about the documentary and the rare footage, Greg spoke to the director Maurice Murphy. http://www.mediafire.com/listen/xfq6tw6qsuhxw2b/191107_001.MP3   Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Documentary: Director: Maurice Murphy. This fascinating documentary celebrates the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's Australian tour in 1954. The whole country was abuzz with excitement as the newly crowned monarch came down under for an extensive tour of Australia, the first reigning British monarch ever to set foot on our shores. School groups rehearsed elaborately choreographed dances, military units practiced their marching drills, and even the chauffeurs were put through their paces. With the help of the conservation team of the Continue reading

FAT PIZZA VS HOUSOS – Paul Fench interview

by GREG KING Fat Pizza Vs Housos brings to the big screen the characters and ideas from Paul Fenech's two popular television series. To find out more about the film, which Fenech describes as his "bogan Ben Hur", Greg speaks to the man himself. http://www.mediafire.com/listen/egaq4fmbi8oooqr/191108_001.MP3 Continue reading

THE JOE MANIFESTO – interview with Gregory Pakis

by GREG KING The Joe Manifesto is the latest low budget film from writer/director Gregory Pakis (The Garth Method). There are special screenings of the film at the Dan O'Connell Hotel in Carlton on December 7th and 8th and 14th and 15th. To find out more about the film, Greg King spoke to Greg. http://www.mediafire.com/listen/5fvv30ib04x18q3/191107_002.MP3 Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Paul Fenech Stars: Paul Fenech, Maria Venuti, John Boxer, Elle Dawe, Kevin Taumata, Stuart Rawe, Tahir Bilgic, Renzo Bellato, Vanessa Davis, Paul Nakad, Nick Giannopoulos, Angry Anderson, Kyle Sandilands, Andy McPhee, Jabba. Twenty years ago writer/director Paul Fenech won the award at Tropfest short film festival with his Pizza Man. He later successfully transformed that into Pizza, a hugely popular television comedy for SBS, and he turned the concept into the feature film Fat Pizza. He followed that up with Housos, a comedy Continue reading