UKRAINE IS NOT A BROTHEL – interview with director Kitty Green

by GREG KING Australian filmmaker Kitty Green’s fascinating documentary looks at the members of FEMEN, the infamously topless female protestors of Ukraine. The women talk about life in their country as they shower off their slogans and tell of their horrific treatment at the hands of the authorities while inspecting their bruises. The treatment of Ukrainian women – more often viewed as whores than as humans – is their main bone of contention. And about 90% of Ukrainian girls do not know about feminism or what it means. Driven by a need for empowerment, the FEMEN Continue reading

THE ANIMAL CONDITION – interview with director Michael Dahlstrom

by GREG KING The Animal Condition is a provocative and thought provoking new documentary exploring the murky ethics of animal farming. Featuring interviews with politicians, animal welfare activists, this documentary from filmmaker Michael Dahlstrom is objective and even-handed in its treatment of an issue that has moved from a fringe issue into the mainstream consciousness. For his Movies At Dusk program, Greg King spoke to director Michael Dahlstrom about some of the challenges of this provocative documentary. To hear the interview, click on the link Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Director: Rolf De Heer Stars: David Gulpilil, Luke Ford, Peter Djigirr, Gary Sweet, Jennifer Budukpuduk Gaykamangu, Gary Waddell. Charlie's Country is Rolf De Heer's 14th feature film, and the third film in his unofficial trilogy exploring aboriginal issues - Ten Canoes dealt with the past and ancient traditional aboriginal ways and their dreamtime; The Tracker dealt with the cruel treatment of aboriginals in the 19th century by the white settlers; and this film is a confronting look at contemporary problems facing Australia's indigenous Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Documentary Director: Eddie Martin. Most skateboarding documentaries are pretty dull and of limited interest, mainly aimed at fans of the sport who will get off on the extreme action and stunts. There have been a few exceptions though where they have occasionally had broader appeal - films like Stacy Peralta's 2001 documentary Dogtown And Z-boys, which looked at the evolution of the skating culture in California in the 70s with the Zephyr skate team, and Lords Of Dogtown, Catherine Hardwicke's dramatised version of the same story starring Heath Continue reading

Possible Worlds U.S. & Canadian Film Festival

by GREG KING For his Movies At Dusk program, Greg spoke to Mathieu Ravier to find our more about the Possible Worlds Film Festival. To hear the interview, click on the link below:   From the world premiere of a documentary about the Air Sex World Championships (yes, this is a real thing); to the real "Argo" - the truth behind the covert rescue of six diplomats during the 1979 Iranian Hostage crisis; to an 84 year old’s attempt to get the sale of plastic bottled water banned in her town, the Continue reading