Reviewed by GREG KING Documentary Director: Lawrence Johnston. For a long time local filmmaker Lawrence Johnston (Life, Fallout, etc) has been fascinated with neon, and he even managed to include images of neon lights into his documentaries Eternity and the whimsical Night. But now he has made a carefully reserached feature length documentary exploring the heritage, design and history of neon and neon lighting. While a documentary about the history of neon lighting may sound a rather dry subject, this actually is quite fascinating and revealing. Johnston uses a deftly Continue reading

NEON – interview with Lawrence Johnston

by GREG KING Australian filmmaker Lawrence Johnston (the superb Fallout, etc) has long been fascinated with neon, the history of the neon light and its many uses. Neon is his new feature length documentary. It premiered at MIFF in 2015, and hits cinemas for a limited release on June 2, 2016. Greg caught up with Lawrence to find out more. Continue reading

IS THIS THE REAL WORLD – interview with Martin McKenna

by GREG KING The new Australian feature film Is This The Real World is a coming of age story that follows Mark Blazey, a troubled rebel without a cause. Greg spoke to writer/director Martin McKenna to find out more. Continue reading

CHASING ASYLUM – Eva Orner interview

by GREG KING Chasing Asylum is an eye opening and quite inflammatory documentary exploring Australia's policy on refugees and asylum seekers, its mandatory detention centres and the complex problem of refugees. Greg spoke to director Eva Orner about the making of this controversial documentary. Continue reading


Reviewed by GREG KING Documentary Director: Scott Hicks. "A quartet is a private thing," says Stephen King, a member of the renowned Australian String Quartet. But in this documentary from director Scott Hicks (best known for his dramas like the AFI and Oscar winning Shine and Snow Falling On Cedars, and the bland Nicholas Sparks romance The Lucky One, etc) it is no longer private. The quartet is laid bare here in a film that will mainly appeal to loves of fine classical music. Hicks began the documentary intending to look at the latest incarnation of the acclaimed Continue reading